jhoward: Hyper-V and Terminal Services Stuff

John is one of the few guys I know who actually manages to blog less than I do. Now to be fair to John, he changed roles from IT Evangelist, to Senior Program Manager, Virtualisation (yes, with an “s” dammit!), so I guess that’s fair enough.

But he got back on the “tools” over the weekend, and posted a four part series on “Terminal Services Gateway and Terminal Services Web Access using Hyper-V”:

I wonder with that blog title, if his next move will be to Microsoft Marketing and product naming. *joke*

John has some excellent posts from his old days *grin* which are well worth a look while you’re perusing his site.

Hopefully, this latest burst in blogging signifies a return to form John?

One thought on “jhoward: Hyper-V and Terminal Services Stuff

  1. Hi Adam – hope all’s well. Sadly, blogging is destined to remain a sideline these days. Fun, but I’m definitely doing it as a part time job. BTW – Yes, 2 years after moving over to the USA, and I’ve already forgotten how to spell virtualisation :)

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