Tech Talk: PowerShell Team Blog – Links

I’m not a fan of just linking to other conversations without adding any value, but in this case the links are worth it.

If you’re interested in PowerShell then you have probably already seen the news over at the Microsoft PowerShell Team Blog, but just in case I’ve linked to the three recent posts that I think are pretty much just awesome. Go take a look, you can bet I will be ;-)

Jonathan and Hal (from the PowerScripting Podcast) will be hosting Jeffrey Snover for a Virtual PowerShell V2 Launch Party on Thursday, which is of course GA* day for Windows 7!!

Lee Holmes from the PowerShell Team has also announced that one of their internal tools has been released as a Codeplex Project.

The Cmdlet Designer makes it much easier for teams to concentrate on the design, naming, and consistency of their cmdlets, while also guaranteeing name registration and collision avoidance across Microsoft.

To sweeten the deal, it offers:

* Integrated help authoring
* Efficient bulk operations (parameter and cmdlet cloning)
* Generation of cmdlet code
* Full scripting support
* Automatic code-spec comparison and testing
* Role-based security, history logging, and more.

But wait, there’s more! It’s now available under MS-PL from

And last, but in no means least, with the recent announcement of the Windows 7 Resource Kit book comes the availablity of the Windows 7 Resource Kit PowerShell Pack. There’s a detailed breakdown of the features in the PowerShell Team’s blog post, but in a brief look it contains: 10 modules with 600+ scripts. Great work James!

* General Availablity.

VMware Infrastructure Toolkit (for Windows) 1.0 Beta

I’m still in the process of getting sorted now that I’m back home in Western Australia, so you have probably seen this one already.

Just in case though ;)

VMware have their VI toolkit in beta, and I’ve been lead to believe that it has lots of PowerShell goodness. There are apparently 102 cmdlets included so a lot to take a look at and play with.

I’ve just found out that my main machine is due to arrive on Sunday, so as I am currently a man of leisure, I should have some “play” time available over the next week or two :)

The toolkit beta is available here and there’s also a blog available.

Tools and News

I know things have been a bit quiet lately. I’m in the middle of moving my family back to Australia so as you can imagine it’s a bit manic!

I’ve been hearing good things about PowerShell Plus for a while now, most recently from Richard. It’s definitely on my list of things to play with. I just need to find more play time!!

You may recall that I got to see a demo of SpecOps Command, and had access to an early preview. Unfortunately I didn’t get past installing it to really have a play. I believe this application is really going to have a big impact on PowerShell, and it would appear Jeffrey is of the same opinion! Well done to Magnus, Thorbjorn and everyone at SpecOps for going RTM.

When I started this blog, I kept the default theme from WordPress, with the view of worrying about the content rather than the look. Most people seem to read the content via RSS, so that’s been fine. I’m not going to change the focus, but I’m going to revamp the website, update the toolbox and example code and generally give everything an uplift for the New Year.

I’m also aware that posts have lacked the technical content that I want them to have lately. So over the next few weeks I plan on getting a lot more interesting posts up.

Watch this space ;)

Microsoft Deployment RTM’s

Microsoft has just announced the release of Microsoft Deployment. There’s nothing on the Deployment blog as yet, or on the Microsoft Connect site, but the Microsoft Download site has been updated, and the email is out.

During email exchanges with Michael Niehaus and Tim Mintner a couple of weeks ago I felt that things were very close – they were replying to my email at 1am their time!

The jump from Beta3 to RC1 was a big one, and I felt the product mature a lot in that short space. I’m really pleased with how MS have developed this new incarnation of BDD. There’s loads of good features under the hood to get an automated deployment up and running in next to no time, and its free! ;)

Congratulations on the hard work guys!